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What to expect?

The Argument is a one-of-a-kind TEDx Salon event that merges the best of both worlds, TEDx Talks and debates, not only to spread exciting ideas, but most importantly, to challenge them. In an increasingly polarized world, The Argument offers a fresh perspective on meaningful, respectful and inspiring dialogue by infusing debates with powerful storytelling.

Join us for an evening dedicated to open-mindedness and critical thinking, as two distinguished speakers engage in TEDx Talks and delve into profound discussions, challenging each other's ideas on a specific argument.

The aim of The Argument is to leave you enlightened, inspired, and with a deeper appreciation of the diverse ways in which we view the world.

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Should democracies ban

anti-democratic political parties?

The Argument
Against the argument

Angela Bourne

Professor in European Politics
For the argument

Ulrich Wagrandl

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Public Law
Photo credits: Philip Meissner

Albert Frantz


Albert Frantz is an American concert pianist based in Vienna, Austria. He began piano studies at the unusual age of 17 and became a Fulbright Scholar, Bösendorfer Artist, and Ironman triathlete. Albert's unique story was the subject of a documentary and he was the cover story for Toastmaster Magazine in 142 countries. As a children's rights activist, he speaks internationally at venues including the World Congress on Family Law and Children's Rights, the Austrian Parliament, and the United Nations in Geneva. In November 2024 Albert will perform the inaugural Concert for Children’s Rights at Vienna’s City Hall together with the Vienna Boys’ Choir and Vienna Girls’ Choir.  Albert is a trusted TEDxVienna alumnus. Watch his Talk "The Science of Art and the Art of Science."

What we do

We believe that democracy depends on respectful and constructive disagreement.

This is why we host jargon-free, straightforward and honest exchanges about issues that matter the most; to us, and the planet.

But debates are often considered performative, and, well, hard to follow.

Our Approach

Ideas Diversity

Viewpoint diversity acts as a safeguard against groupthink and concentration of power, and thus ensures an inclusive and fair society. It also helps make well-rounded and informed choices by thoroughly examining an issue from multiple angles.


We encourage debates that aim to arrive at a truth or a balanced understanding through constructive and cooperative dialogue, and oppose any argumentative approaches characterised by a desire to win an argument by any cost.

Long-form Content

Ideas need space to unfold. Long-form debates provide such space by dedicating ample time to every side and layer of an argument. This approach invites the audience to a journey of active listening, critical thinking and deeper understanding.

Media and Community Partners

We are Building

The future of debate

Be a part of it.

Is this a regular TEDx event?

The Argument is a TEDxSalon event with a thematic focus on a single subject. It includes two TEDx Talks and in-depth debate.

Can I purchase tickets at the door?

Tickets can only be purchased online.

Will there be breaks and meal options?

The evening includes a break for networking, mingling and meeting with other community members. Drinks and foods can be purchased on site and are not included in the ticket price.

How can I connect with other attendees before or during the event?

Join our LinkedIn event (--enter link here once event is published–) to connect with other attendees.

How can I become an exhibitor or sponsor?

If your organization or company seeks to support open-mindedness, critical thinking and ideas diversity, a partnership with us is an excellent way to showcase your commitment in a tangible and meaningful way. To find out more about partnerships and opportunities or to start the conversation, contact us at partnerships@tedxvienna.at